Coop width too narrow?

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    Apr 20, 2009
    Well, I have the two frames up back and front - I constructed these on a 4x8 sheet so after framing I have 3ft 6inch width - this sure seems narrow compared to the old coop which is about 6ft wide - I have 8 older hens - I am concerned they will have a problem getting down from the perch - do you think this is too narrow a coop if I have the perch about 3-4 feet off ground?

    I guess one other option is to make the perch run across the coop from front to back however not all 8 birds will fit on one perch - I guess if I put in two they will sort themselves out at roosting time?

    Now I rather wish I had made the floor plan a bit wider - however, the good thing is I used screws during construction so worst case scenario is to dismantle and try again.[​IMG]

    The roof angle looks good.

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    I suggest putting 2 roosts up at the same height from front to back. Then there shouldn't be too many squabbles about who has the best spot.
    I like my roosts to be 3 feet high at the most, it all depends on how tall the coop is. I like 30 inches high the best. A lot of my hens are big and I don't want them to have to jump down too far.

    Let us know what you decide to do.

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    Jean's idea sounds good to me...if not, then you'll most likely have to rig some type chicken ladder up, because it doesn't sound like they'll have enough flapping room to get up/down. My coop is 6 x 8, and it's still pretty tight (I ran my roosts like yours).

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