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My kids, ages 6 and 8 have shown interest in showing animals at our local fair. After doing lots of research I believe I'd like them to start with chickens. I currently only have a few chickens but am planning to expand. I've told the kids they can each have two different breeds. I have been pouring over coop designs and have found some very nice ones here on BYC but none that would fulfill my need.

I am looking for a design that is one coop with 4 open air runs. Of course I want the chickens all separated at all times. Anyone have a coop like this??

Not to talk you out of it, but you can run the males together and the females together and eliminate two of the runs. The males, given enough room, will work it out between them (usually), and the females will do so as well, although usually in a less dramatic fashion

I assumed, probably incorrectly, that you wanted them separate to avoid a free-for-all mating situation...
Oh, and chickens are ALWAYS a good choice for 4-H starter animals. Everyone should have a few hens out back
I'm in 4-H (13 Years old) and I am starting chickens this year, I've been doing Hogs and Rabbits for as long as I could (I think the starting age is 8 or so?) and my show chickens are 3 Old English Game Bantams.

But to OP, I would say the rooster could work it out, if they can easily split up the hens, they should be good.

And if you are wanting to give your kids some good ideas for breeds, Silkies and Old English Game Bantams are small and colorful. And maybe a Polish?

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