Coop's Done, Chickens Installed and Laying.....and now the Run is Done!


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My Coop
My Coop
I knew deep down that...... if I built it, they would come.

I was very lucky to get a whole flock in one shot. One wonderful Rooster (really), 5 laying hens approx. 18 months old, and 4 - 4 month old pullets not laying yet. Mixed genealogy of Brahma, Cochin, Australop and who knows what else.....

......and I got 3 eggs less than 24 hours after bringing them home. Frickin' Yayyyy!!!

See the whole story here on my coop page

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I like your set up... and reading about it on your whole coop page. Looks like a really comfortable place for chickens, no wonder they were eager to provide eggs!
Thanks all. Chooks are doing well, they are a gas!

Finally made major progress on the run today, so thought I'd post an update here.

Put in the 'Under Run' a couple days ago, a space under the shed for some shade and shelter as the rest of the run is open.

Then today got all the posts set for the first leg of the run and got the first 3 sections covered with fencing.

nice! I notice your gangplank is up on a brick... I assume that works well? Mine is on the ground and it's a little steep. Doesn't seem to bother them, but they always hop halfway up anyway. Maybe I should just raise it a bit on that spare block I have laying around to give them less of an incline and they'll still hop to start.... ?

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