Corid, Coccidiosis Treatment Questions!

Will Corid Linger In The Body Long After Use, Or Get Passed Out Of The Body Like Other Medications?

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I'm asking for a friend who has a Coccidiosis problem going on, & has lost most of her chicks, & her husband can't eat non-organic eggs due to his destroyed immune system.
No egg withdrawal. Corid isnt an antibiotic. It's a thiamine blocker.
Okay. My friends husband has a immune system that pretty much doesn't exist anymore, & she says that the medication will kill her husband if he consumes non-organic eggs, do you believe that's possible? She says he has Lyme Disease.
I wouldnt risk it. I wouldnt let him eat the eggs.
Okay. Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection caused by tick bites, from what it sounds like from her, is that he's never went to the doctor to get treated for it. It's easily curable if caught early.

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