cornish crooses given to me...What do i do now?


11 Years
Feb 22, 2008
Cumming, Georgia
a pre-school class that is close to where i live were hatching chicks....and gave me a call and told me i could have them.....they said they were white leghorns....but when i got there to pick them up they told me that tysons gave them free eggs.....i sell the eggs my hens lay....and im just wondering if it is at all possible to keep cornish crosses to lay eggs?
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11 Years
Feb 26, 2008
Its very difficult, as they get so heavy, so quickly. They tend to have major leg and organ problems. They don't really make good layers. I do know there is atleast one person on here who is keeping a couple as pets, they were rescues, or something. I do remember reading about vet care in that thread, so I don't know if you'd want to go that route, or not. He posted about it on the " Meat Birds" forum. There are tons of info about these birds on that forum and not all of it about raising them for meat. Some of it is just general information.

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