cornish cross cross. possible?


8 Years
Nov 9, 2011
hi guys, i'd just like to ask if anyone of you had bred a cornish x hen or roo with another chicken?

i'd just like too see. i have one CX pullet and i plan to breed her with my leghorn roo.

i really don't have any clue on what will they look like?

do u have any pics there? thanks
i'll get pics today if I remember. Dad with the cornish x and the moms were either bo or black sexlink or sumatra x hens

One is all white the other is white and red but both boys
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Not sure if this is what your looking for but my neighbors have Red broiler roo which is a type of cornish cross. Well one of thier speckled sussex came up one day to visit my flock hopped in the nest and laid an egg. That is the only time her or any of thier chickens have ever wondered up this far. Anyways I set the egg just for the heck of it. It hatched and has just started laying now. The sussex had a slim build so I was suprised how big round and fluffy she turned out. Also she has green legs which is also a suprise. Her father had yellow and mother had white. I know thats the only roo they own so he has to b the father. The pullet is marked like alot of game hens I have seen a mix of browns with some black lacing. She grew much faster then all my other large fowl chicks surpassing even older hatches in growth very quickly and Im sure she weighs a lot more then her momma. If u like I can try to take a pic and post it for u. Its been my experience tho that almost all white cornish cross hens lay a double yolk egg but if yours doesnt then set them. Cornish cross hens have very short lifespans and leg complications. So if u plan to do it, do it soon. She is probaly on borrowed time as it is if she is old enough to lay. Its hard to even get one laying season out of them.
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I have crossed a cornish x with a production red rooster. All chicks came out white and with age some had a red mottle. They appear to grow faster t'han the production reds,but not as quickly as the cornish x. They did mature to a rather large size, without the leg problems of the cornish cross. I have now bred one of the roosters to a americana, to see what changes.
I have freedom rangers in my laying flock who get bred with leghorn rooster, all chicks so far have been white,and grow a little faster than other chicks but not as fast as the original meaties..

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