Cornish cross leg problems, can't stand up - what I did.

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    Hello everyone,

    So, I'm on my second batch of meat birds and obviously still learning.

    The first batch I had 2 chicks just die for no apparent reason and it was suggested to me that they were too hot. So, for this batch, I started them off with a cooler lamp that gave them only 89° and also moved them outdoors earlier. So far, so good - no losses yet.

    The first batch were also on a different feeding and moving regimen: feed in the morning and move the tractor in the morning, then no more food other than forage for the remainder of the day. This batch, however, has been getting fed twice a day due to my work schedule: feed in the morning as I rush off to work, then feed again when I get home so I can move the tractor more easily.

    Well, wouldn't you know it, the other day I noticed one particularly large boy was flopped over and couldn't get his feet under him! I knew what it was, but googled possible solutions and couldn't find any other than "cull". I'm not one to jump to such drastic measures (he's nowhere near eating size yet - not even big enough for a meal for my puppy) without trying to find a better solution. So, I brought him in the house and put him on a "diet": 12 hours water only, then this morning I gave him some leftover salad. When I came home from work tonight, he had his feet underneath him, standing FULLY UPRIGHT, and even managed to scratch his nose and - sort of - maintain balance!

    I moved him back into the tractor this evening after it was moved and the others had finished the (now very meager amount of) bread. Also, to prevent others from going lame, i've put the whole lot on a carb-restricted diet until their bodies catch up with their bellies ;)

    I hope this helps those of you who get the same problem with your meat birds. It's always nicer to see them get to the dinner table when WE plan them to :p
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    That's awesome! It's always so sad when they can't stand. They are such genetic growth freaks that the leg strength can't keep pace with their rapidly expanding bulk. Thanks for sharing! :)
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    No problem! Anything to help fellow homesteaders! These birds certainly are in a league of their own, and despite their genetic predispositions they can be raised in an effective manner that reduces losses and produces a better, healthier end product (Joel salatin of polyface farms raises Cornish cross), we just need to figure out how!

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