Cornish Cross Overheated


In the Brooder
Apr 27, 2020
Help! We put the Cornish Cross out in their outside coop today, It is 84 degrees and they are all panting with their mouths openl
They have fresh water, shaded pen and coop with windows and a fan blowing,
We give ours a large metal pan with a ton of ice and some water and black oil sunflowers seeds! I also read that you can freeze jugs of water or use large blocks of ice to let them lay against or perch on :) its almost 100 here and ours are also panting (even with the fans and roof) The ice seems to help A LOT
Thank You! I need to get some Black Oil Sunflower seeds, I have had chickens before and they loved those seeds! They are only 4 weeks old and I just started giving them grit because they have grass now. I did give them some of the electrolytes and have some of it frozen in water for todays heat. Also have fan in their coop and a roof over their run. I was relieved when they were all alive this morning, I have heard Cornish are very fragile. So far they seem to love being outdoors, but have to be coached to come out the pop door. I was expecting a stampede like they did in the brooder box!
I take old gallon ice cream buckets and put water in them and freeze. Put the lid on and stick it in the run, chicks doing just great! It was 93 and humid here yesterday, so they needed some relief! Also, I bring mine into our (cold) garage so they can cool off for a few minutes until they stop panting. Make sure they have lots of water!

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