Cornish cross with splayed legs

Mobile ice

May 17, 2015
I just found the "runt" of my 10 cx flock sitting with its legs splayed out. I am guessing the bigger meaties might have trampled it or it's just lame from not getting enough to eat. I think it might be in pain so I'm going to process it asap. It seems to not have good muscle tone although it weighs about 4 lbs (8 weeks old). My question is, is this bird safe to eat or should I just throw it away? It's not sick, eats like crazy in its private suite separate from the other fatties. I thought maybe I could just cook it for stock. Any advice appreciated. I'm processing all the others in the next few days.


9 Years
Feb 19, 2012
New Mexico
This is not uncommon for the fatties. I raise two batches of 25 birds a year and see this condition on two - three birds a year. I process and eat them and haven't had any issues. Tastes like chicken.

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