cornish rock cross lay eggs?


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Mar 2, 2011
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dh got cornish rock cross meat chicks last may. We kept a few to see how big they get (turkeys lol). Do these hens lay eggs? We have gotten none from the hens, and I have hens younger than them starting to lay. Not all the hens we kept are the size of turkeys, but no eggs from any of them. Idon't want to keep feeding if no eggs are coming as they eat about 2 or 3 chickens worth. Thanks for the help.
I kept 5 hens. They have finally started to lay but they lay small eggs too small for hatching and I am not impressed. I will wait out the experiment but I think keeping them will be a bust which is a shame because they roost and free range and are decent chickens otherwise. Just not going to be useful in a breeding program.
I kept two of my healthiest CX pullets for breeding. They were both laying by the time I sold my flock, to date they are still alive at over a year and half old. Their eggs were very, very large consistently.
What color do they lay, I've been looking for a white egg.
i am hoping to keep 4 of them hoping i got 2 of each and i am planing on trying to cross them with my barred rocks to produce a reliable layer and meat bird i am hoping this works
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Honestly, I would not buy them as egg birds. I would buy a bird that is catagorized as an egg bird for this. These are raised for meat. Most are butchered before or around 12 weeks of age.

On another note, very interesting to hear about someone keeping them longer to see how they do. I was curious, but had no plans or intentions of actually doing it. I wonder how the turkey sized hens would taste
Well dh got them to eat but with 25, we thought we see what happens and how big with a few. ( two huge roos and four huge hens and two normal size hens?) I just thought that all chicken hens lay eggs, but these will be a year old in may and no eggs yet! I plan on seeing how much they weigh this week. I just need help cause they are so big. My 5 year old son tried to help get one (these are people friendly) for me about two weeks ago and it was walking and just kept going with him holding on and kinda dragging behind. lol What color egg do they lay if they lay?
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I am glad to hear that your cornish x chickens are so friendly! We bought 4 a little over a week ago as day olds at TSC and while we intended eating them eventually, those sleepy looking eyes and yellow fuzz have made me want to keep them as pets...
I am so mad!!!!!!!!!!!! I went out fed and checked for eggs and got the weight of these meat birds. Everyone was fine. I go out 2 hours later to look for eggs and one 15lb hen is dead! Two eggs at her buttom, one has blood on it, the other none at all. Her buttom has some blood on it. Did she lay an egg and die?!?!?! I am so mad!

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