Cornish Rocks chicks dead

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10 Years
May 25, 2009
My wife calls me at work this eve, crying and screaming, she tells me that we have several dead cornish rock chicks that have their intestines hanging out of their vent. The white leghorn chicks was eating them and pulling the insides out. Both sets of chicks are about 6weeks old the LHs were picking away at the injured CRs.I did notice that the brown lehorns werent touching the CRs just the white LHS. I sepertated the chicks and pulled 3 dead CRS out the house and then noticed that the whiteleg horns was pecking at the brown leg horns rump and starting to make it bleed as well. I then seperated the leghorns and pulled the whites out i put the whites in with my laying hens that went as well as i thought it was going to go is this normal or was there something wrong with the cornish rocks that had been eaten thanks Ron
1 more thing the house is 10x12 and the run is 12x12 so i dont think it was a space issue thansk Ron
way weird. sorry.
I had a broody kill attack her chicks and kill one, but she pecked at their heads. I'm sorry I can't help, but hugs to you guys.

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