Cornish X are sneezing. Bedding problem?

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10 Years
May 29, 2009
South East Idaho
I have 20 Cornish X chicks in a brooder right now. They keep sneezing. There does not seem to be any other odd conditions, very active, eating a ton etc.... The bedding that I am using is from a local mill and seemed to be a little more fragrant than the typical bedding that I have been accustomed to. I changed it out today, went back to the more expensive, less pine smelling shavings. Is this the culprit? Do I need to medicate? Any help would be appriciated.
well if they are sneezing it is cause the weather is not been good

there is a lot of sneezing and nose problems in chicks right now

I would put them on 7 days of sulmet in the water

Sulmet is sulfamethazine.
Sulmet is used for treatment against bacterial scours in cattle, which just happens to be E. coli.

It also is used against Coryza, Pastuerella, and Salmonella Pullorum in poultry. It's an old fashioned sulfur drug, very broad spectrum, safe for babies, easy to give.

then give them the wet mash probiotic so they can make good gut flora

also are they at least three to 5 weeks old?

then they need cut back to two feedings a day
6 am and 2 pm
to keep them from ascities or water belly and heart attacks
any questions email me
They are two weeks old. Right now they are on a feeding cycle of 12 on and 12 off. They have been drinking a ton of water, probably around 6 quarts a day. New to this breed, thanks for the help.
I think it was also a good thing to remove them from the mill shavings. They're not at all dried, so they tend to hold a lot of mildew and oils in - versus shavings you get from feedstores, etc.

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