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    Nov 5, 2008
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    So I have 4 cornish x chicks, about 6 weeks old.. 3 cockerals, 1 pullet. how are these chickens as far as egg laying goes? I would like to breed them so that I will have a continuous supply of fresh organic chicken dinners.. however, all in the same coop and run I also have a 6 mo/old RIR roo and 2 americaunas and 1 barred rock.. so 4 cockerals to 4 pullets.. I was planning on eating 2 of the cornish cross roos at 8 weeks..
    will the RIR roo breed with the cornish cross hen? if this happens, what will the babies come out as? will they be meat chickens or RIR or a mix? how does this work? Is it worth trying to keep the two cornish cross and trying to breed? should I seperate them? BigRed- my RIR roo- sits on all the pullets to keep them warm at night.. he's the oldest.. he's taken to all of them, and picks on the other cockerals.. i know, too many roos in one space, but Im just not sure which direction to go next with this bunch.... advice please?
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    If you can get them to laying age, they won't breed true. They are a cross so the cross of a cross = a mixed bag. Might do some searching in the meat bird section, there are a number of threads on making your own meat birds.

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