Cornish X or something else?


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Mar 18, 2014
Western NC
We picked up six "broilers" from Tractor Supply for their closeout sale two weeks ago. They had a selection of other breeds there too. Three of them are getting fat and HUGE, but three are more slim and small. The smallest one has brown (clean) feathers, so she is clearly not a Cornish X. Any ideas what she is? The other one pictured is larger but fast and slim. Is she a female Cornish X or a leghorn? Is there a marked difference in size between male Cornish X and female at three weeks? The smallest three like to roost 18" off the ground. The heavier three want to join them but cannot muster the strength to even hop. Thanks for your help!


Mar 25, 2015
Some Cornish Cross can have brown feather genes, like one of my old cocks.

As if it's a Leghorn or a Cornish Cross, you can tell about Leghorns, they're fast, slim, athletic, and intelligent; with large combs. If it's a different breed with Cornish Cross, I'd say it's much more likely to be a White Plymouth Rock.

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