Correct humidity for dry hatching?

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    What is the correct humidity for dry hatching? With one pan filled I'm floating 39-45%. With no water in pan 20-22%. It is a GQF cabinet incubator and I am using 2 Cooper SRH77A Temperature Humidity Wet Bulb Thermometer and both are reading exactly the same.
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    You'll get some mixed opinions. An account I read was to run about 40% and let it empty, dry for a day then get back to 40% to let it dry out again. Keep doing that until lock down when you up to 60% or so day 18. Fairly typical dry hatch method. Good luck.

    Anther method is to add no water until about day 7 then get to 40-45% to day 18 then up to 60-65%. Basically your allowing large air sacs to form and not allow water to build in it.
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