Correcting chick gait?

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    I have a chick that's about three weeks old that has been exibiting a strange problem for me. Before, when I've had chicks that had splayed legs, I would tie a string between the two and that would usually fix the problem. Well, for some reason, this hasn't exactly worked. It doesn't exactly have splayed legs, but they're obviously too far apart, so the chick has this funny wobbling gait when it tries to walk. When I attach the string, it just rides up it's hocks, so even though the feet are closer together, they still point outwards rather than straight ahead. This has resulted in it having kind of a knock-kneed walk.

    The only thing I can think to do at this point is to somehow make a rigid brace of some sort that will keep the hocks apart, but allow the chick to still walk. Being 3 weeks old, I figured it still has a chance of me correcting the problem. Does anyone have any idea as to how I could go about this?
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    have you tried using bandaids rather than string? This provides a wider bridge that usually stays put.
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    I've seen the bandaid splint recommended often here. The gause pad is the spacer. Haven't needed to try it yet, myself...
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    I didn't try the bandaid, but I'm thinking it might not work at this point. The chick is a standard and has gotten pretty big. [​IMG] I think I might have an idea, tho...I'll post it if it works.

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