Corrid, egg withdrawl, and chi kens not drinking water?


5 Years
Mar 8, 2015
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My Coop
I have one hen who has been sick with coccidosis for a while now. I treated her with corrid and the whole flock and then I also did albon an oral tablet as recommended by the vet. Afterwards I did probiotics and apple cider vinegar for two weeks. She's still having green loose watery stools. I think that the coccidosis is still active. So after 2 weeks of probiotics I was going to do one more round of corrid to see if that can fix the problem. I went ahead and put the corrid in the water yesterday I'm going to do five days of active treatment and then do 10 days prophylactic on the low dose to prevent it from coming back. But the girls are not drinking the water? It's like they're not drinking a lot of it cuz they don't like the taste. Is there anything that I can do to make the water taste better so they drink it? & I was also wondering do you have to do a withdrawal when treating the birds with the corrid? Is it OK to give fermented feed while treating with corrid?

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