Coryza testing?


9 Years
Dec 8, 2010
West Denver Burbs
Does anyone know of a lab or extension office that will test a swab for Coryza?

I've got a pullet with a swollen eye with a clear discharge on one side and swollen top of her mouth that prevents her from being able to close her beak. There's no smell coming from her face but I'm curious about getting her tested for Coryza.

I've isolated her from the rest of the flock and am providing water with the 800 mg Duramycin 10 by mixing 3/4 teaspoon per quart, along with feeding her a paste of boiled egg yolk mixed with yogurt and half and half using a dropper.

A search of BYC for "Coryza test" and sever permutations only returns discussions about the disease but no info on testing.

I don't think she has Coryza but would love to confirm this. Any leads toward testing facilities would be greatly appreciated.


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