1. hollylovett

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    Apr 9, 2016
    OK, question. I purchased seven three month old pullets (I'm new to this) from a local well-known supplier about a month ago - I have three surviving - 3 of the original showed no symptoms of anything (eating, drinking, running around), just found them dead in the run. The first was 3 days after purchase, the 2nd was a week or so later, and the third a few days after that. Right after the last death I started a broad spectrum antibiotics in their water for 10 days. About 7 days into the antibiotics one of the surviving pullets got a swollen eye - I thought initially it was the RI red picking on her. I separated the red from the flock to put her in time-out for a few days to "take her down a notch" - no improvement in the eye of the other chicken. After research I started suspecting eye worms instead of bullying (no respiratory issues at that point), bought vet RX, treated on roof of mouth & in eye, slight improvement but no significant change. I was also treating the entire flock with Oxine in a vaporizer for about a week every night with no improvement. The swollen eye bird started to smell - more research - pulled her from the flock 2 days ago & she died last night. On her last night she was "pump handle breathing" and had a whitish discharge around her beak.

    This morning a second pullet has a red, sticky eye - not as swollen but not normal either but no other symptoms except for a very occasional sneeze - I pulled her from the flock immediately. (It should be noted that this pullet did have a swollen eye at the same time as I was treating the first sick chicken for what I thought was eye worms & her eye recovered quickly after 2 treatments with Vet RX - the now dead chicken never improved.)

    So, I have 1 dead pullet, 1 sick pullet in isolation, and 2 pullets left showing no symptoms that, because of my lack of knowledge, were exposed to an actively sick chicken for about 2 weeks. After reading these threads I'm thinking Coryza because of the smell that the now-dead pullet had (the newly sick one is not showing this symptom yet) but I'm not sure as I understand that it does not have a high mortality rate. I understand that if it is Coryza that the bird will be a carrier for life & I'd rather cull her than take a chance if this sounds like Coryza to the forum experts. The other pullets "dropping dead" could or could not be related but I have no idea.

    My real question is: Does this sound like Coryza? If so, do I assume that the 2 "healthy" pullets are carriers and cull them also or so I assume they were lucky and never got infected? Is it possible for a chicken (or two) to be in a coop with a sick chicken and never get sick? Is it possible that the two "healthy" pullets did get sick but didn't show symptoms or would it have been obvious? Obviously a flock of two is not ideal and I'd definitely want to restock but don't want to go through this again nor do I want to cull two perfectly healthy chickens...

    I'd really appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks!
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    Sep 20, 2015
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    Hopefully someone else will weigh in.
    But to me it does sound like Coryza.
    Is the the first flock you have ever had?
    Have you talked to the breeder about the illness/symptoms you currently have? If it truly is Coryza then the supplier/breeder needs to be made aware of it, especially if this is the only chickens you have ever had.
    If you only have a few birds left and they have died in such a short period of time, I do highly recommend you send one for necropsy to get a definite answer.
    While 2 may seem perfectly healthy, they would need to be considered a "closed flock" since they have been exposed to the illness.
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    Apr 3, 2011
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