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    I lurked and researched on this site for a long time but now I need some help/advice. Over the summer I got a chicken from a friend who did not know that their birds were sick. I did the unthinkable and did not separate the bird from my own - long story short I had an outbreak of Coryza run through my flock. I did have the birds tested by the State Vet so that I would know what I was dealing with. I culled 50 of my birds yesterday and now have only 7 (4 of which I do not mind culling if need be). I am planning on restarting my flock in mid Feb. and would like to know from those of you that have delt with this if you culled your ENTIRE flock? What did you do to prepare for new birds? Did you vaccinate? If so, where did you find the vaccine? Can ducks and guinea carry the disease? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I want to get the replacements off to a good healty start.
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    I had my first experience this year with RIR chicks that were three months old. They were infected at birth by hens that were carriers. They were dropping like flies and even after medicating all forty, the Vet advised to destroy the entire remaining birds. He said that even if any survived, they would always be carriers. It was very difficult to do, but we sprayed everything with bleach, burned all plastic items and dug down three or four inches in the pen to remove the soil, and then sprayed bleach again

    This is such a hard disease to be confronted with..........there are so many different opinions on vacinating or not. The Vet's opinion is to always to aware of who you are buying from and to know their flock, if it is an individual. The lady that my birds came from, sells her eggs to individuals that hatch them and then sell the chicks. Apparently, she has many hens that are carriers and alot of individuals in our area have experienced this same thing.
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    I'd suggest you get rid of all of the birds, and incinerate or bury the carcasses deeply. Sanitize everything and let the facilities sit vacant for a month. If you have freezing weather where you are right now that will help to sanitize things.
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    Wow what a sad story!! [​IMG]
    And what a good example of why quarantine is sooo important--I know, I didn't give it the proper importance at first either.
    I don't know anything about coryza, but you could do many a favor and retitle your post "Did not quarantine, got Coryza" or something similar? That would get people's attention.

    Oh and [​IMG], sorry it is at such an awful time for you....

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