Cost of Chick Starter in Your Area?


9 Years
Apr 10, 2010
Opelousas, LA
I currently have 26 adult chickens, 20 regular chicks and 25 Cornish X's. I had to pick up another 50lb bag of chick starter today, and it's now up to $15.99 for 18% Arrow brand chick starter. I live in South Louisiana, not a high cost area, and this was my local feed store. It was $14.99 for 50lbs just last week.

Are prices just going up nationwide? It seems like a whole lot of money for chicken feed.
I use the 24% DuMor starter from TSC @ 17.49 for a 50# sack because I feed lots more quail than chickens. The regular starter is $16.49 for 50# bag. It's been that price since early last year.
I usually pay $5-7 for an average sized bag of feed which might last seven or six days- my three little chicks never stop eating.
how much does an average sized bag weigh?
Here they come in both 40 pound and 50 pound sizes.

I live in Australia so the bag sizes aren't very big at all. Sometimes one bag only lasts three days and my little chicks, who are 4 days off three weeks now, usually need 2-3 bags of feed a week.
I just bought a 40 lb bag of 18% chick starter today for $14.50. It was from a locally owned feed store and I live in a semi-rural town. I quite possibly paid more than if I'd gone to a box feed supply store but I like my local store and they are more convenient.

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