Cost of mycoplasma test

Brittney P

Aug 20, 2018
Southwest Idaho
A couple of months ago, my husband and I picked up two roosters who had been abandoned on the side of the highway. They appear to be completely healthy, but I want to make sure before we let them interact with the rest of the flock (free ranging). I'm going to have their poop tested for parasites but the vet also said that I should could get them tested for Mycoplasma. This is an avian vet (our regular farm vet doesn't know anything about chickens). The cost for them to do the test is $277 for 1 bird. Does this seem high? Does anybody know of any other option for testing for this that is more affordable? I would like to take in more abandoned chickens in the future, but this kind of expense will make it hard.


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
What state are you located in? I would contact your state vet poultry lab first and ask what they charge for a PCR test for mycoplasma (MG and MS.) If you have a poultry department at a college locally, I would contact them as well. There are several labs around the country that will test a swab, and this is only one of them that you can contact:

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