Cost to Build Wichita Coop

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    Aug 21, 2013
    2 questions: Where can we get a detailed materials list?

    And, what is a ball park amount to build this?

    I did some research and found a partial list of materials, tried to add it all up and its come out to almost $1,000 so far and the list is not complete! [​IMG]

    We are in Texas. Lumber isn't cheap unfortunately. Should we expect it will be around $1,000 to build this coop? (oops - that's 3 questions [​IMG]
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    Adding up the current Lowes cost of the visible materials only gets to $350. Add paint, trip, hardward cloth, and screws; probably around $500-600. If you shop Lowes, make sure to get a 10% from the post office, and even check out buying a discounted gift card to save another ~10%. Another thing is since there isn't going to be any snow on the roof, I would skip the plywood under the roof tin. Nothings going to be up there so there's no reason for the extra support.
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    Feb 17, 2014
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    Here is the link to the 'official' WCC

    I bought the materials for this (WCC) today and after the 10% coupon and tax, the materials came to 650.59 . I'm in the midwest so lumber is fairly inexpensive.

    The heavy hitters in the budget:
    • Plywood => $113.22
    • The 2x4's => $103.95
    • Paint: Found a 5 gallon discard that was cream/off white => $74.70 (Insead of $166!)
    • Hardware Cloth (Chicken wire would've been 1/3rd) => $71.72
    • Cement Blocks: $63.10

    All the furring strips add up, but are needed for the look. I'm sure you could re-engineer the plan to sandwich the chicken wire between 2x4s. I also switched from the 1/3rd more expensive tongue and groove walls to plywood.
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    Aug 21, 2013
    Wow - Thanks for the reply. We knew the lumber was going to add up. And we're very experienced with the cost of Hardware cloth after the infamous rattlesnake incident . . . . my dogs went out into their yard late at night one evening as fall. We had just built and moved into the house that July. It is out in the country. I heard one of my dogs scrambling in the dirt and looked over and saw her standing alerting to something. . . then I heard it. I'm not originally from TX. I've never heard a rattlesnake. OMG. Never. Ever. Do. I. Want. To. Hear. That. Again! Of course, then all my dogs come running to surround the snake, while i'm sceaming for my husband. We called the dogs off and while I was huddling on the floor in the house, checking my dogs for bites, my husband dispatched the snake. Thank goodness no one was bitten.

    So, after that. I did a bit of research and decided to wrap the dog yard in hardware cloth, buried in the ground, and cut at the top - with the top sticking out an an angle. Over 200 Ft. It was tedious, painstaking work, but we managed to complete it over a course of a few weekends. And it cost in excess of $200. But, I do not regret it.

    So, while chicken wire may be more inexpensive, the coop will have hardware cloth. We have plans to build the fort knox of chicken coops. Everything likes chicken out here in W. Texas. There are raccoon's, coyotes, bobcats, snakes . . . oi!

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