Costumes for ducks!

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Feb 21, 2009
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I saw this photo and wonder if anyone knows where to get a costume like this for the duck.


One of my many costumes. I got this pineapple from a teddy bear that was wearing it. Thise work great! Dog costumes fit them as well. I know from experience that Good Will has lots for cheap.

I try to find fun things for 4-H'ers to do and there is an annual Animal Dress Up contest at the county fair. We all dressed up chickens, ducks, and rabbits each year.
Yep I make all my ducks' latest fashions. I made them holiday ones too which might still be up on my site (my webmaster is changing things around.) We use the same fabric as the shoes and hot glue or fabric paint when needed.

We pretty much take requests, lol, I love hearing what people come up with. I used to alter doggie costumes but they are so expensive here. So, I just started making my own. And Of course diva Ming mei Will Wear anything and everything (all at once if I let her) lol.

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