Cotornix quail stopped laying they are age of 8 weeks to 3 months old.


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Feb 17, 2016
Is it normal for my quail to just stop laying this time of year. They are set up with water nipple system and get feed every evening.
Hens can stop laying if they are stressed, if they don't have enough light (12+ hours per day) or if you recently moved them. Access to clean water and quality food at all times is a must.

What season is it where you live?
Have there been any changes in the pen?
Do you feed them once a day or top off their food once a day?
Feed them once a day in the evening. They have water available 24hrs/day. We get 13-14hrs/day sunlight. We were Getting 50-60 eggs/day and now just getting 15-20/ day. I have a fan in the top of my pen to help circulate the hot air due to the heat outside. Should I try to give them some feed in the morning to.
Everyone i know keeps clean food and water available 24 hours a day. They graze around the clock.
We had cut back on the feed cause we noticed a slow down last month in egg production and a lot of wasted feed being throwed out the feeders. They are on wire cages. We will increase the feed again and see what happens.
If you elevate the feeder (place it on a block or hang it) so they have to reach over the edge, you can all but eliminate waste.
I have 2" pvc pipe feeders with 1 1/4 holes in it. It was like they were eating the corn out of the feed and just pulling the feed out.
Corn? They may love it but it has very little nutritional value and heats them up. I would save corn for cold weather treats. I strongly recommend finding a gamebird feed with 24% to 30% protein. Purina and Startina are two good brands. I get Purina gamebird 30% feather and grow for $18 per 50# bag.
I use the arrow game bird layer. You can see some crushed corn in it like the purina. The tag nutritional facts pretty much identical. It's just what it looked like to me with the waste I was getting. They will peck just to peck at times. Sometimes they still have food left and sometimes they would be empty. With what I was feeding them. Sometimes I'd fill the feeder to top and just let them just gorge.

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