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    I am incubating some Bobwhites here in a few days and I need to know what temperature to incubate them at, whether or not I can hatch chickens and Bobwhites at the same time, whether I can use an automatic egg turner, etc. I also need to know what to feed them and how to care for them as adults. I also plan on getting some Coturnix quail later on and I was wondering when they start laying, how much area of space they need, what to feed them (can I feed them the same food as Bobwhites [​IMG]), etc. I basically need to know all this and more from someone who is experienced in this field. Thanks in advance!!
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    Incubate the eggs at 99.7 degrees, humidity at 55% to 60%. At lock down, day 20, up the humidity by 10%. They will hatch 23-25 days.

    Start brooding the babies at 97 or 98 degrees and lower the temp by 5 degrees for each week for 6 weeks. If they start to get aggressive any time during brooding, lower the temp by 3 degrees and work down the temp from there. It is advisable to use an infra red lamp in the brooder to keep them calmer and prevent cannibalism. Infra red also allows for a natural sleep pattern which also keeps them calm.

    Use a shallow drinking font, like a chick waterer or put marbles or stones in a large one. You can also use a jelly jar lid with tiny stones in it as well. Baby quail drown easily in water.

    Put down paper towels for a few days on the floor of the brooder and sprinkle food all around the floor around the feeder so they can find food. When they figure out where the food is kept, then you can remove the paper towels.

    Bobwhites need a bit higher temp and humidity level than chickens and Bobs take longer to incubate. So I would not incubate these species together. Bobs need gamebird starter....something with 24% to 28% protein, where as chicken chicks need 18% to 20% protein. So do not start quail out with chicken starter.

    Coturnix can eat the same feed as Bobwhites.

    Bobs require 4 square feet per bird, Coturnix can get by with 1 or 2 square feet per bird.

    Bobs are paired off as adults, 1 male to 1 female...Coturnix are kept in harems of 1 male to 5 to 7 females.

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