coturnix chicks hatched today, what colors?


9 Years
Jan 10, 2011
I had 11 coturnix quail hatch today, soo exciting still! no idea on how they will look when they grow up, what do you think?
The group:

Some of the different chicks...




#5... rosetta tuxedo?


#7 pied...

Good variety! the rest might be wilds
youve got some interesting looking little coturnix chicks. id guess you have wilds, manchurians, english/a&ms, possible Range tuxedos i think. and im not SURE but maybe even fallow. idk what a pied coturnix looks like... tuxedos but i dont see many if ANY,... quail lady will be of much better assistance.
thanks! My understanding of pied is that its an overly white tux, but i could be wrong, so i thought #7 might be one because its all yellow but has a patch on its head and a patch on the back and wings, but the neck is also yellow. I'm sure quail lady will know what i've got, I won't have a clue till later on lolha

The lady i got the eggs from said she has no whites, and hatches no whites, she said i should expect that one to turn into a pied something or another.
I see a white and they are a part of the tux/pieds so it's possible you have a white (sure looks white to me or could end up being manchurian).

Lots of Rosetta/range and tuxedos/ gold has darker stripes than the other so possibly an Italian and Man. Gold possibly? It would be neat to see the one with the minimal stripping on the rump grow out. Beautiful little variety!
i plan to take a series of pictures to help me better identify chicks when they hatch in the future lol. The more colors I get the harder it is to know what i have lol. Can browns carry anything color wise? She has nothing but colors, no wild type/brown, but it looks like some have hatched, so i assume some colors can carry brown, but i just wonder if brown can carry colors or if its safe to ship them on their way once i figure out for sure that they are brown.
hmm, i guess the lady was right, the yellow, definately not a white lol:

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i got nothing... pied something or another? I saw a bit of white wing tips there lol, but in person the color bit looks darker.

also the salt and pepper grey one...

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also coming in dark?
I seriously need some quail chicks. I haven't hatched since last year. Yours are adorable. And what gorgeous colors you have! I'm no help on them, but they are pretty.

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