Coturnix egg question??


8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
I have just put 77 Coturnix eggs in the incubator. I am new to the quail and i have noticed that most of the eggs were a little sticky. I was wondering if one egg broke and leaked on some of the others or if this is natural? I didn't wash them off,i heard horror stories about washing eggs prior to incubation. Any help would be greatly appriciated.. thank you
I'm assuming these were eggs mailed to you? I Personally don't have a problem with wipe'n a egg off with a damp dish towel if its funky. Especially a coturnix egg. Seems like they will hatch if you set'em on the counter by your toaster...Iv wiped coturnix eggs off till the paint comes off and leaves a white shell and still hatch fine. Alot of folks feel strongly that you should'nt ever clean a egg for hatching. I have not seen alot of difference. I actually washed buff orpington eggs with a wet towel a month ago. Eggs looked like they were laid in a feed lot. 22 out of 28 chicks are in my brooder now. I would search for that broken one if you think there is a leaker, You want to find it now instead of 2 weeks plus from now! A good sniff test when you open your bator to add water is always a good thing too! Good luck with your hatch, Bill
A good friend game me all of them I was just wondering if there naturally sticky and if they will be ok in the incu like that. I also have a few that are dented but not leaking. I'm wondering if these will be ok?
Not normally sticky... I don't set cracked eggs. That being said, I have heard folks talk of wax repairs and such... I have just had too many unknown cracked eggs, start weeping nasty goo after sitting 2 weeks in my hot-humid bator! Give repairing them a try and post if it works. Would be a neat "white lab coat" experiment... Good luck with your eggs, Bill
I checked the eggs and they don't seem sticky. Dry now. I didn't do any repairs because some are dented. I'm going to try and ride it out. I hope it works. Thanks for the info

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