coturnix hatch


8 Years
Dec 30, 2014
I stopped turning my coturnix quail eggs last Thursday, It was the 14th day in the incubator. They started hatching late last night.
That would be a bit early i think. 15 days?

They have been popping out of the eggs all day so far.

I am in a old little giant with an egg turner and fan. I've had to check the temp and adjust the thing entire time. Humidity is high enough to have condensation on the windows.

What does an early hatch tell me?
Your temp could have been higher than it should be. I always keep two temp gauges going so I know my temp is dead on. Also, if these eggs were stored a bit warmer than they should have been before setting, they may have started to develop a bit and are ahead of schedule. Shipped eggs can get a bit warm before setting. Anything above 65 or 70 degrees will get them going early.

If they all hatch out healthy, I wouldn't worry about it.

Congrats on the hatch!
I did let them "settle" for a day on my dining room table. :)
It is between 65 and 70 in that room.
They look good so far.
This is probably what did it! Next time you might keep them somewhere cooler like the basement or something. :)
I purchased three dozen eggs from a vender on e-bay. marychritiancarter. 48 were delivered in a prompt manner. All in good shape. Like i said in my post above, they are hatching like crazy an looking strong.
I would buy from here again.
Congrats on your great hatch!! I am happy for you!!

And good to hear you had such good luck with buying on E-bay! So many sellers are not honest or do a lousy job at packing eggs.

Good to hear!!

They are hatching like crazy today ! :)
Final results.

29 out of 45 (i paid for 36) out and in the brooder. I'm happy with that. I have 100, from a different vender, in my second incubator. This will give me my genetic diversity for breeding, and a pile for training my springer spaniel pups.(the greatest dogs in the world,imo) :)

This is my first hatch in a long time. I forgot how much fun it is.
This is a great forum!!.

I am so glad you had such a great experience with this hatch! Nothing more heart warming than hatching these tiny quail.

And good luck on all future hatches!! :)

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