Coturnix not laying ?


8 Years
Feb 3, 2011
These guys hatched back on March 22nd, which is about 10 weeks ago. There is one male that does a bit of crowing and 7 females. No eggs. I am wondering what folks out there might think.

I am in Miami and its been 85 + during the day since February and maybe two heavy rains.
It's most likely the weather, because coturnix tend to lay like mad, when it's 45-55 deg. F..

Don't break their love of perpetual sameness. Don't change their feed, and don't turn their pen 12 degrees to the south/south west.

You are actually within a normal coturnix laying cycle. Over stressing them, and throwing everything at them including the kitchen sink, can be folly.

Just ride it out for a week or should be fine!
if they are in the shade it might slow them down I have mine under a leanto the corts are in a grow out pen that has additional light 14+ hrs day at 6 weeks they are laying the bobs are in the pen below they are 30 weeks plus they just started laying

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