Coturnix Quail Caging


Aug 3, 2016
I've done a lot of research and apparently quail will try to fly up when panicked or startled. I have wiring on tops of the cages and the cages are about 8-10 inches high which is pretty low. If the birds fly up I'm worried they will hurt themselves on the wiring above. Should I put some foam or padding to stick to the top so the wiring doesn't break their neck or harm them? Or is it to low for them to even try to fly? But I'm also just worried that they would try to eat the foam and suffer, and the foam will catch a lot of bacteria. I'm receiving four adult quail this week and I don't know which option would be best for the caging because I don't want them to get hurt.
I agree with chickenlegs. I build all my pens 10" tall with 1"X2" wire on top and never have any problems.

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