Coturnix quail eggs available from KY~~$6 for 1 day's eggs

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    Hey there, I'm almost caught up again [​IMG] Starting next week, I can fill orders again. I have 9 days of eggs available between prepaid orders.

    I have 25 females that are 'laying age' right now, so you could feasibly get 25 eggs from just one day! Due to goofy temps, I can only guarantee 18 eggs daily [​IMG] Averages to $.33 per egg plus shipping. If for some reason I don't have enough for your order, I will take some from the next day, or substitute some button quail eggs, whichever you prefer.

    My coturnix are seperated as follows:

    Pen #1 has 9 jumbo brown hens with 2 jumbo brown roos (should hatch all jumbo browns)
    Pen #2 has 5 A&M (white) hens with 1 A&M roo (should hatch all whites)
    Pen #3 has 3 tibetan (rosetta and dark) tuxedo hens with 1 dark tibetan tuxedo roo (possible hatches: 50% tibetan (dark or rosetta), 25% tuxedo, 25% pure white)
    Pen #4 has 1 cinnamon hen, 2 red-golden hens, and 1 dark tibetan tuxedo hen with 1 cinnamon roo (Not sure of how these would hatch out [​IMG])
    Pen #5 has 1 golden hen, 1 rosetta (not tuxedo) hen, 1 pharoah (normal brown) hen with 1 golden roo. (Should be mostly goldens, with some rosettas and possibly some pharoahs)
    I also have a jumbo brown hen that is in a colony setting. Most of the birds in her colony are young, but there are some white males and some jumbo brown males crowing in the colony. So her eggs could be mixed. [​IMG]

    Eggs are $6 for 1 day, up to 5 days at one time. Shipping is based on your zip code. [​IMG]

    Please post here, and pm me with your zip code and what day(s) you would like.

    Thanks [​IMG]
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