Coturnix Quail hatching eggs


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5 Years
May 28, 2015
South Louisiana
Npip certified breeder

My birds are direct from James Marie Farms. I have 16 color variations all run in mixed pens, anything is possible with these hatching eggs. The goal is to seperate them so i can have the diff colors breed true if youd rather that then wait but i dont have 16 pens or a colony worth of breeders in any one color Yet. Eggs will be as clean as possible from the source, unwashed, and fresh within 4 days. Fertility is high but sometimes they cant shake back and begin development after too long of a travel. I will package as well as possible with shipping foams and/or bubble wrap as needed for the eggs to be individually packaged and double boxing the whole deal.

Colors are: jumbo Pharoah, falb fee, roux dilute, lavander manchurian, silver/blue, silver tux, rosetta, red range, red tux, tibetan, italian, german pastel, pearl fee, charcoal, chocolate, pansy. And a celadon hen who would give chicks a 50:50 shot of laying blue.

Can go up to 3 dozen at 15$ per dozen
20$ shipping and handling plus 5$
for each extra dozen

Please dont hesitate to PM me any questions!


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