Coturnix Quail in MA

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    Apr 9, 2011
    Apparently I don't have enough posts to put a message in the auctions section, but I thought this might be alright since I really don't care about charging for these guys.
    I have 3 male Coturnix Quail hatched 5/24/2011 that I'm looking to place. I ended up with too many males and I'd like to see them go to another home rather than end up as food. They're all the Pharaoh variety, all healthy, happy birds. If anyone is interested or has any suggestions, I'd love to get them out asap (they crow like crazy since they're in the same area as the females but are caged separately). Pick up is in Lowell, MA and they're free to anyone from this forum, just email me: [email protected]


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    Please post all listings in the proper section. If you don't have enough posts, please participate a bit in our community.

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