Coturnix: What color am I?

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    Hello quail people! I'm a new addition to this part of the forums. I've rehabilitated orphaned California quail and released them before, but I didn't think I'd be keeping quail as pets. However, someone had some babies at a Chickenstock and I figured, hey, why not? I took seven of them, five of which survived, and now they're a little over two weeks old, having been hatched on June 3rd. I'm getting two adult females from a friend as well, and I just plan to keep them all as fun little pets and a part of my poultry "collection." [​IMG]

    One of my quail, however, looks different from its hatchmates, so I was curious what color this little guy/girl is! Is it too light to be tibetan?



    [​IMG] (Quail I'm talking about is on the right.)

    Any help would be much appreciated! If this is really obvious I apologize, I am new to quail after all!
  2. 1st picture is a Tibeten.. I do believe.. Sex unknown... You said it is to light to be a Tibeten. I think it could be what every one is calling a Rosetta Tibeten or Red Tibeten. But no matter what it is still a Tibeten type. And still a Coturnix quail that can interbreed with all colors.

    2nd Picture, Tibeten in middle.. Regular Brown on Left and right.. One on the right is a female..

    3rd picture is Brown (female), Brown (appears female), and tibeten (unknown)

    Check out this thread for lots of quail info.. Thats where I learned..
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    Oooh, it is a tibetan, then? How cool, I am quite happy to hear that. [​IMG] I appreciate your help, and I'll check out that thread!
  4. Im pretty sure it is..

    But I was hoping a more experiance quail person would see your thread.

    From what I read in the thread I gave you the link to. I believe it is..

    The Tibeten color can only be vent sexed or wait till it lays an egg or the male crows..

    The brown you can sex by the spots on the chest. Spotted is female. No spots and more rustyish color is male..
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    in the third picture it looks like you have 2 brown hens
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    I agree first two Tibetans.... and the one in the middle bottom pic is also...
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