Coughing, gurgling, and green snot in noses.


8 Years
May 13, 2011
NW Indiana, Near the Big Lake
I am not all that good with computers, and apologize if this is something of a no-brainer. But my growing flock has 3 birds that have come down with Cold-like symptoms. They are 'sneezing' coughing, and have wet eyes, kinda bubbly. The first is a RIR that is full grown and we think a non layerafter two weeks. Came from another place with 4 others. Only getting 3 eggs a week from them. The second, and possibly a third are 'Production reds', that are mottled red and white,chicks we raised that have been growing well so far, and suddenly turned listless and coughy. They are the only two from that hatch and ore over tow months now. So why now??? We have removed them from the rest, and isolated them, but now what? What is the best guess of the problem, and possible coures of treament? I have never had chickens that did this before. They eat and drink very little, and mostly sit curled up, and make rude noises, unlike the happy greatings we normally get. How can I help them?
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