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    She hasn't been acting very lethargic, just for an hour a few days ago. Went out last night to collect eggs and check on them in the coop, she was roosting and had a slight gurgling sound while breathing. Went back out there one more time b4 bed and she made no sound at all. Came home today and she coughed a couple times. [​IMG]

    Can this crazy weather hot/cold/hot/cold/rainy/cold/hot....etc. Does that have an effect on them?? OR, do I have a problem I need to worry about.... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ETA: Just went and checked on them, since its raining they are in the coop to keep dry. No gurgling, no sneezing, no coughing.....from anyone!! what?!?!?! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    check out gapeworms. There is a thread on here about them. I lost one chickens to them before I found out what they were. When another started with the same symptoms, I wormed right away. She's still alive [​IMG]


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