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6 Years
Aug 6, 2013
I wasn't really concerned when one of my D'Uccles got a small cough and a little running nose. I mostly thought it was from stress after buying her. After 2 weeks I put my D'Uccles in with my Cochins and then once I got a better pen moved them into that pen. Now, I bought some new D'Uccles and had no other choice to put them in with the rest and thought nothing of it coming from a healthy flock. Well, needless to say all of my birds including my other pens now have this coughing/sneezing but the one D'Uccle is now healthy. Should I put some Duramycin-10 in all the water?

My Pheasants seem healthy, nothing wrong with them. My Cochins are also healthy.
I would not give them the Duramycin, unless they get worse. Since the originally sick bird recovered, I think that it is a mild viral disease. A bacterial respiratory disease seems less likely, as it would not go away so easily without treatment. For now, just give your birds supportive treatment (electrolytes, probiotics, make sure they stay hyrdrated, etc).

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