Could changing feed to different brands effect laying?

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    Jun 20, 2010
    I have 4 1 1/2 yr old Rhode Island Reds - I started them on blue seal layer pellets and I was consistently getting 3 eggs/day. I introduced Purina Layena crumbles and mixed it with the pellets until the pellets ran out. I then got a different brand of pellets from a local feed store. They definitely do not go for these pellets like they did the blue seal. They used to scramble out of the hutch when let out in the am and race for the feed. Now they go over and poke a bit then go look for something else. I also add in oyster shell, sometimes scratch, and they have been getting a good variety of garden veggies - kale, tomatoes and squash which they seem to really like. But in the last few weeks the egg laying has really slowed down -many days only one egg. Don't see any molting going I guess my question is is switching food bad for them - like with a dog you are supposed to wean them off one brand if switching to the next. I can tell them apart - who is who - close up but not able to watch who is laying when etc.

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    I would have to agree, for some flocks, certain feeds work better. Sometimes the girls get downright ornery when something gets changed around them and they go off laying. I can't see why feed would be any different.
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