Could it be bedbugs? & they're coming to Christmas - UH OH

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    Mar 29, 2011
    Quote:Also I just wanted to let you know that turing up the heat in the house so long as they can get it past 90f for several hours will work. Also bombing is very effective if you have the right people doing the job. Don't believe everything you read on the net. Most of the time you hear/read these NIGHTMARE stories I think it is a bug company not doing the job as effectivly as they could so they can make big bucks off of the victims. We dealt with some very professional bug companies who assured us it wasn't as terrible as it seemed and it only cost us $300 to have all of our things "bombed" with an all natural pesticide (and we had a lot of things with us at the hotel). We have not dealt with anymore bugs and anything that we weren't comfortable with "bombing" even though it was all natural (like baby stuff) we threw in the dryer and that fixed everything. Understand two things about bed bugs. They only live right by your bed and they only come out at night, the problem is they will crawl into anything that it right by the bed. clothes, purses, wallets, cell phones, if it's by the bed it probably has bedbugs in it. But like I said in my other post, if they aren't coming to your home don't worry that much. But also do take care to quarantine your belonging that do go near these people.
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    I say stay home, too. It is not worth bringing those nasty creatures into your home. Do the family members who may have bedbugs see no problem in maybe infecting other households? If it were me that had them in my house, I'd keep myself/family home, so that I wouldn't risk spreading it to other households.
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    Jul 31, 2008
    bed bugs are my BIGGEST fear!!!!!

    I will not sit on ANY furniture unless its one pce molded plastic anywhere I go... when I go to the hair dresser she will drape the chair for me with plastic (I know her personally so she knows i am not a nut job)

    when I travel... I will place a pair of jammies or other comfortable clothing in one of those vacuum seal bags the space bags... that will go into my suit case and not get opened at all!!!

    we have our vacation and while we are at the airport after we have collected our luggage we all go into the bathroom and strip off the old "contaminated" clothes and pack them in the suitcase.. we will put on the clean jammies or clothes and then get into the truck to come home. we have a pick up so the suitcases go in the bed of the truck not in the passenger compartment.

    when I get home the sit cases will stay in the truck until i can get to the laundry mat and wash everything in hot hot water and in the hot dryer.

    the cleaned clothes will then be placed into clear bags that I bring from home and get placed in the cab of the truck... the dirty suit cases and things that could not be washed to into other bags and sealed. when I get home from the laundry mat I will spray the seems, zippers, handles everything i can get and then reseal the bags and they get placed in the basement sealed until i need them next time... I will go down from time to time to look for bodies and casings... signs that there may have been an unwanted hitch hiker in my luggage...

    am I a wack job?... heck yes but I dont have bugs!!!
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    bed bugs Are very hard to get rid of, but of course not impossible, I've seen exterminators treat a home 3 times and cleared the house of those critters, I've also have seen them treat it up to five times and still found some afterwards, some of the the ones that we thought were dead were not dead ones but rather just the shell casing. This happens after every feeding, as they get bigger they shed their casing to make room for a bigger size bug. It's all really nasty I see it up front every so often, I'm always leary of taking them home with me... I make sure to change my clothes and like someone suggested place the items in the dryer and kill anything that might have gotten on my clothing... They mainly are transported in luggage, furniture, boxes, etc. you name it, yes they may even hitch a ride on someone, but to do this they would have got to have gotten on them at night, they don't really come out in the day time. I don't think you'll have a problem, but be cautious anyways.
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    Oct 13, 2010
    I had a tenant that had them, and I shared a wall with them!!!!

    You can bet I had the exterminator called seconds after they said they had bed bugs! The exterminator had to treat their apt 2x and the tenants threw out their mattress and headboard. Thankfully I never got them.

    The tenant was a super smart guy who's work sent to around the country and to $$$$ hotels, where he probably picked them up. I felt horrible for them, because I knew how clean they were and how well their cared for everything and they still got them.

    But it did just take 2 treatments and I think cost about $500?

    (if your granny is like my mom-her mattress and $500 is enough to make her think 2x about having the bedbug gifts in her house)
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    Ugh... i would be freaking also... bedbugs are no joke. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I got bedbugs from a furniture set I got from a local casino that was doing refurnishing. It sucked but they didn't travel on our clothes. They stayed in our bedroom and never even made it to our roomates bedroom. We didn't need professional help to get rid of them either. We just took all of our clothes, sheets, and blankets to a laundromat and threw out out matress. Before bringing the clothes back into the house we shop vac-ed all of the carpet and the closet. We bought a new mattress and left the plastic on it for two months to ensure no bugs could live on it. We never had a problem again.

    I'd say just go with it and when you get home from dinner have everyone take off their clothes and throw em in the wash immediately. From what I read when we had our problem bed bugs are not like fleas that jump from person to person. Instead they hide in things during daylight like mattress folds. Places close to where people sleep but not actually on their bodies.
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    Quote:Be careful when you throw that mattress out....around here you have to put an X on the mattress with spray paint so the people collecting it know how to deal with it. AND it lets other people know that it ain't a good idea to pick up that little tidbit no matter how good it looks. [​IMG]
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    Well, anybody could randomly get them but, my gosh, I'm already about wore out from day to day life as it is [​IMG] so I'd have to pass on knowingly subjecting my family to those who will be, if they have them, without a doubt transporting bed bugs.

    All the work and repeated weeks of treatment and cost needed "just" to get rid of fleas is nothing compared to properly treating for bed bugs from my understanding. I'd also not want to ever run the risk of being the one responsible for knowingly bringing anything like that into another's house. (I have a 1 day old NEWBORN niece and 2 young grandkids, and because of a recent undiagnosed illness in a family member that I care for I will miss Christmas with my family, but better safe than sorry, and my family totally understands...really, who wants to contract something that can be avoided?? [​IMG])

    Unfortunately, bless their sweet hearts, many elderly are often not connected to the latest info on issues like this. Hoping the best for you and whatever you decide. [​IMG]
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    Question about the rash on them..
    Was the rash in like lines??
    Could be scabies too... [​IMG]

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