Could my 11 week roo be crowing??

Yes - they can crow at that age. Just as with pullets reaching the point of lay at different rates so, too, do the cockerels reach milestones such as crowing, etc at different speeds.
Oh yes! It always surprises me when they crow very young like that! I love the sound. It's really funny when they first start to crow because they have to practice for a while. One of my roosters only did half a crow, even when he was fully mature! Always made me laugh. It was like "Cockado-" but no doodle doo! haha

Right now I have a lavendar Orpington cockerel. I've seen him mate with the ladies but now crowing yet, and he's pretty big! I'm just waiting to hear him.......
I missed it
He was acting all manly last nite.... waiting for the girls to go into the coop and he stood by the door ushering them in. SO cute! But I expect I'll hear a crow for myself soon! Neighbor said he sounded cute-- just a 'little crow'.

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