Could my day just get any worse?!

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    So, I got up let the hens out as usual. Checked on the quail, all seemed normal apart from some weren't there so I though 'Oh, maybe they are still inside', I looked, No! Oh great, first thing, already late for school, absolutely great! [​IMG] [​IMG] So I had a quick count- 10, ok I had 21 yesterday [​IMG] . So I went to school, apologized for being late and sat down. Before I know it I'm crying. They just made it 4 weeks old- everyday I have tried my best to bring them up as best I could. I HATE [​IMG] [​IMG] *blush* when I cry in front of other people- considering (not trying to be sexist etc..) I'm a boy- maybe the only one who cries in my year. My form tutor came and asked why and I asked if we could talk outside. I said 'I know it sounds silly, but I went to the quail and noticed all but 10 had gone etc...' Afterwards I thought, 'Oh great- I wonder what everyone is gonna think of me now' First lesson Maths- [​IMG] Second- Music [​IMG] my least favorite lessons. [​IMG] Anywho, went through school, came back and had another count- seems better but not great, 12 left. And now I have a backlog of homework to complete some of it for tomorrow.

    That sums up my day.
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    Well, look at it this way, things can only get better from here! I really hope more of your birds turn up.
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    so sorry for your rough day! [​IMG] i hate crying in front of a crowd as well.
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    Don't worry about crying. Shows you have a heart. Anyone who doesn't understand that isn't worth worrying about. [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] I hope your little bird come home. I hate to loose a bird. Crying shows you have compassion and love for something or someone else besides yourself. [​IMG]
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    Thank you everyone. Its not just one bird, it 9 which makes it 9 times worse [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Sorry to hear about your quail. [​IMG] I can guarantee you aren't the only boy your age that cries. They just cry over different things. [​IMG] My DD was shocked to see high school boys crying when they lost a football game. [​IMG] Our neighbor is in the Marine ROTC (in high school), and he cried when his dad fell off his horse, and when his horse got hurt (separate times). He's a big "tough" guy.

    Being a female, I know that the harder you try not to cry, the worse it is. Then you can't stop. [​IMG] It was nice of your tutor to take you outside to talk about it. I wouldn't worry about what everyone thinks.

    My DH thinks I'm crazy when I cry over my chickens. [​IMG] Oh well. I found my chicken friends on here that I can cry with. It makes it easier when you have someone to talk to.

    Don't worry about what everyone else thinks...we're here for you! Could some of them wandered off? I don't have quail, so I don't know if they are the type to come back or not?

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    Unfortunately, I think they were eaten by rats. Now I [​IMG] rats [​IMG] There is a hole and lots of feathers. One of the quail also has some blood on it but the cut seems to be healing nicely. Anywho, my parents said they will get me more quail eggs (now im trying to persuade them to let me have ducks to). So 12 quail- mostly female [​IMG]
    In a way, with most males gone (we would have eaten them otherwise) it could be a happy ending- but then again we also lost what could have been laying hens. [​IMG]
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    Well that is good that you found out what got them. Now, what are you going to do to keep the rat from coming back? Do you have a cat? Can you plug the hole with steel wool?

    Glad that it wasn't your females.

    Thanks for the update,


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