Could she be a he?


Sep 6, 2019
Hello, I got this barred rock pullet almost 3 months ago. She has grown a ton! I was told she was purchased from TSC chick days in Feb. so she would be roughly 7 months. Im not sure if she is laying. I never catch her up in nesting box and I’m not noticing any extra eggs especially to the point of what she should be laying and this morning she was doing a weird half crow sound that I’ve never heard her make. She isn’t mounting any other hens and she is my biggest bird in my flock.
He's a cockerel, and not a barred rock. His barring is really all over the place. I think he's likely to be a male black sex link.
That would make sense as everything I read about barred rocks say their genetic coding makes them much lighter in color. I just think he should have been crowing and mounting long before now. But I’m new to owning chickens so I’m still learning.

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