Could she be eggbound?


10 Years
Mar 28, 2011
One of my hens is acting really strange and I'm thinking that she's eggbound.

Yesterday she started standing around with her wings and tail drooping nearly to the ground. I looked and felt her over and noticed that she looks like she or someone else plucked out most of the feathers from under her vent to between her legs. Her underside is bulging in that area and it feels really firm, like a full hot water bottle. I don't feel a hard egg; it just feels really firm in a way that none of my others girls feel. The skin across her breast feels really taut, whereas my other hens have a pleasant squishiness to their breasts.

I've seen her drink but I haven't seen her eat or poop much at all. Her eating is mostly halfhearted pecks at the grass and her poops have been just some white and nothing else. She'll be a year old next month and usually lays one egg a day, but she hasn't laid at all in the past 2 days.

I brought her in and let her soak in a warm tub of water yesterday afternoon and again this morning, but nothing seems to be happening. She just stands up (sometimes sleeping, sometimes not) in the coop with her wings and tail drooping.

Could this be a stuck egg or is this something completely different? I fear that I'm going to have a dead chicken in the morning if something doesn't happen to her soon. =(
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I've gotten no advice on my girl but I'll update anyway in the hopes that someone will be able to help...

Still no signs of an egg, but she's pooping now. It's always watery and has such a vile smell. Also, her crop is distended. Could I be misdiagnosing this?

She's soaking in the tub now. Something tells me that I'll have one less chicken tomorrow. =(
Internal layer? I have something similar going on with a hen who doesn't lay at all and never has in the two months since I bought her.

Her belly is hot, pink and swollen. I think she might need to be drained. I am going to get a needle tomorrow to try.
Mine has a swollen belly but it's not hot. I gave her a warm bath tonight, fed her some yogurt and olive oil (which she ate a small bit on her own), and massaged her crop for a bit. Now she's resting in a small cage in my dining room with a heating pad on low under the towel she's laying on.

I'm starting to think that she might not be eggbound but might have sour crop. She was droopy first thing in the morning but she doesn't usually lay first thing in the morning.
Well, I lost her.

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