Could she have it again???


7 Years
Mar 28, 2012
Hi. I have a 4 and a half month old female buff cochin hen. When she was a chick, she got cocci and I corrected it with Sulmet. Today I noticed she was acting weird. I let her out of their cage this morning and she ran away from the other 3 and it was like she was looking for something that was lost.. Then she sat down in front of the pen door. I didn't see her eat anything this morning though. Also, a couple months ago a raccoon got one of my chicks of that "litter". We penned up the hole that she was eaten from. They usually all sit in front of the door all of the time, so I put a little cage in there and put them in there at night. Tonight I gave them a tiny bit of Sulmet again to make sure and opened up their cage door. i hope nothing gets them! Could they be catching cocci again??? Help
IF it's cocci again, I dont recommend treating with sulmet. Sulmet only treats 2 types of cocci out the 9 types of cocci that chickens can get. I recommend treating with Corid. Corid treats all 9 types of cocci. It can be found in the cattle section at your feed store. The dosage for the corid 9.6% liquid solution is 9.5cc's per gallon of water for 5-7 days. Make a fresh solution daily.
Will this small dose hurt them then? I gave them about 2 tablespoons in a gallon. And actually Corid is not available around here.

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