could she just be lazy?


May 19, 2015
Hi all, I'm new to BYC. I have a hen who is approx 16 wks. When i open the coop in the a.m, she never runs out with the other hens (5 others). She lays in the coop almost leaning on her side and i see her pushing with her one leg as though she is trying to get up but can't. As soon as i reach for her she will jump up and run away and then head outside. Once I saw her laying like this in the fenced in area. I honestly thought she was dead. None of the hens are laying yet. Any thoughts on this behavior? I have had other flocks of chickens in the past and never saw any do this.
She may have been 'lounging'...they often kind of lay on their sides and stretch out one leg and/or wing, usually in the sun.

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