could someone explain the EXACT treatment for chicken lice

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    Aug 10, 2013
    I'm reading a lot on byc and links amd google. I know to dust with sevin and tey and pull any nits out with coconut oil or oil of some sort.. but do I shampoo the infected chicken or flock? If so... what kind of shampoo and how do I shampoo a chicken??!?

    Also after dusting do I just leave the dust in there? Currently I did thw sevin dust amd cleaned coop dusted coop thoroughly and now they hens r back to roaming ..with powdered white bums lol.. so is that correct. Other then re dusting for hatched eggs 7-10days feom now?

    One had mild eggs around the vent and three hens I only saw adults no nits.

    I'm a step by step kinda gal.. any help ?? Thank you.
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    If you've already used coconut oil to remove lice eggs and dusted your birds with sevin dust; why would you want to shampoo your birds and wash away their treatment? Makes no sense.
  3. mommy25babies

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    Aug 10, 2013
    I'm reading to much on here is my problem.. and the different treatments are confusing me. I just want to male sure most and foremost that the hens are safe healthy and happy. So I'm trying to take every preventative measure. So.. that's why I'm asking the correct method.. I'm new to this chicken thing.. and only had mine 3 months. Just making sure I'm a responsible chicken owner.
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    That is great that you are asking questions because newbies like me also wonder the same things. And it is great that you are being responsible for your flock![​IMG]
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