Could something be wrong with my 2 week old Buckeye?


7 Years
May 24, 2012
I am concerned about the baby Buckeye I have. I originally had 2 from a hatchery, along with 5 Marans and 1 Wellsummer. By the 2nd or 3rd day one of the Buckeyes died. I recognized the lethargy that she had from a chick I had in my original flock that also died. Anyway, all the chicks seemed to be doing well except this one other Buckeye. She is much smaller than the other chicks, for one. She seems to be active still, both eating and drinking. She seems to sleep a little bit more than the others but not like the 2 that slept all the time and finally died. She isn't at that point. But tonight I noticed she keeps one eye closed almost all the time. She *can* open it but seems to close it as fast as she can and keeps it closed while the other one stays open. It doesn't look icky or hurt or anything. It is clear and the eyelid doesn't look injured either.

What could be going on with her eye? I watched her for about 30 minutes and she kept it closed for the majority of the time, only opening it when jostled or startled. She closed it even while she was eating and drinking. She is so small that she seems to get stepped on a lot, but again I didn't see any visible injury.

Any ideas on whats going on with her? Anything I should do for her?

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