could the lighter one be a hen?


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ok i got these two together, said they were both roosters. could the lighter one possibly be a hen? oh i hope so. they are the same age and the other one in the back doesnt have a dark of a comb. the one up from also has distinctive waddles. the one in the back hasnt gotten much yet. it also hides under the darker roo. the darker roo crows, and i havent heard this one do it

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I think they are roo's. Do both of them have saddle feathers? (If you don't know already, those are the feathers on the back right before the tail..... I think)
gosh dangit. ive been lucky with picking up 2 roos before, and low and behold the rooster laid an egg. hahaaa. so im hoping it was the same scenario here.

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