Could the pullets be Stealing/Attacking eggs?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by SunChick, Sep 29, 2007.

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    I had my mille fluer hen sitting on eggs cause she just HAD to go Broody. She isnt isolated from the rest of the flock and the rest of the flock is NOT laying yet due to age. My ameraucans pullets keep invading her space. Last week one of the eggs was out of the box and broken, with a half developed chick inside. This week an egg went missing. The next day I found the chick's body with the marans pullets pulling at it. My last egg didn't fully develop and I had to toss it.

    Could the pullets be stealing and breaking the eggs or could a predator like a rat have moved it and then the pullets gotten it? My poor mille fleur and silkie hen want to sit something bad. I have more fertile eggs to give them, but should I since they have been setting for 21 days? I plan on moving them out of that part of the coop and isolating them so they can seriously set for next time.
  2. Sorry, i have been building runs outside and only saw this today, even though im no expert I can say that i wouldnt add any new eggs unless they are at the same incubation age as the others, i presume she has other eggs under her.
    I cannot say wether it was a rat or the pullets sorry.
    My broody went silly and started tossing her own eggs out of the nest, or perhaps she wasnt silly but super smart, anyway can you at least fence her nest off from the others with chicken wire? im not sure of your coop setup but it may avoid others stomping in there.
    And i agree with you on having a separate nursey for future hatches, its so much easier. I had to build 4 pens.
    You may have to build a little run for the chicks now for when they hatch to protect them from the pullets.

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